About Us

We are a small team of gamers and technology enthusiasts which between us have years of experience in business and on Youtube as creators

Creative Team

All our videos have a creative twist implementing fresh and new ideas wherever possible.

Fast Workers

We usually get your product in front of the viewers within days!

Cheap Cost Per Click

We often review and advertise your product for free or for way below typical adversing costs

Safe Investment

Once your video advertisements are uploaded they will never be taken down! So feel free to use them as trailers/product page explanations.


Happy Clients


Videos Uploaded

Our Services

Below are some of our popular services, To proceed just shoot us an email

We can do a full review or even run competitions/giveaways with your product, This will include a quality video uploaded to Youtube.com/Haydzproductionz. This service can be free if your product is valuable but usually ranges between a few hundred dollars

All game reviews will be uploaded as part of the "GG Guide" series on Youtube.com/HaydzProductionz we can also offer your game to our network of youtubers for a small fee per views we get for your game.

We are also experts at social media, we can setup and manage your Youtube/Twitter/Facebook pages. With regular posts, competitions and even product support

Our Company Websites

For anyone interested in our other companys please check out the sites below

Contact Us

Please contact us regarding any advertising campaigns you would like to run with our channel or with our network of other youtubers.

  • haydzmail@gmail.com