HaydzSolutions provides the best
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at the lowest possible price!


Affordable and powerful Dedicated Servers.
fast speeds, unmatched reliability,
and maximum security!


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HaydzSolutions best quality servers at an affordable price!

Here at HaydzSolutions we set out to provide the best quality servers to the customer at the lowest possible price! Our specialized Minecraft Servers are exactly what you're looking for, with extensive knowledge of Plugins and Permissions we can offer you the best quality support.

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Instant Setup

Our Automated Setup System creates your server right away as soon as payment is received. Server information will be emailed to the buyer immediately. That is only a few minutes of time before you are on playing!

Multicraft Control Panel

Our Servers have a built-in control panel for your Minecraft Server you will be able to monitor, manage and control your server from it!

Powerful Hardware

Our servers run on the best tech today. Featuring Intel Xeon processors and high grade Solid State Drives, giving you an optimal performance on your server.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

Here at HaydzSolutions we guarantee that all of our servers will be on a 99.9% uptime! Keeping your server online is our number 1 priority here, we make sure that updates are always given, software and hardware!

Dedicated Support

We understand that issues can arise from time to time, and the frustrations that come with those issues. Here at HaydzSolutions we work tirelessly for those issues to be fixed immediatly with our customer service.

Premium Grade Bandwidth

All of our Minecraft servers are connected through premium grade bandwidth to give the lowest latency and the best connection.

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